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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My word wall is driving me crazy

Ok.  I've had it with my word wall.  I loved it when I set it up almost 5 years ago but it has really taken a beating this year.

Look at the "V" and the word that has fallen on the floor!
 I really liked the black against the blue for bright clear contrast but it is getting a little raggedy.  The red carpet is where I have story time and since our county is making budget cuts and my class size almost doubled this year, we are squeezing in so many kids for story time that some kids are leaning against the word wall.

Here's a close up of my poor word wall.  Pathetic!
I got inspired over Christmas break and made a really cute set of labels for the word wall that was sort of "Elmer" inspired (love that book!)  and matches the fabic I have for curtains and rocking chair cushions. 

But when I printed a test page, they were way too small.  So I'm going to have to redo them before I can update this sorry mess.

Tune in next time for my new and improved word wall:)