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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magnetic Classroom

Here are some pics from our recent unit on Magnets.  Shown is my student teacher demonstrating how magnets attract and repel before students broke off for their own exploration with magnets.  They were just a little eager to crowd around that table.
Exploration in groups.

C.M. with our eager little scientists.

After vocabulary development and exploration,
we wrote about magnets.

"Magnets are very cool because the south pole sticks together with the noth pole and they both stick together with each other and I know a bunch about magnets.  They are very! very! very! strong."

Ok, I flipped and saved this picture 3 times!  But, everytime I go to insert it; it's upside down!
It was too good to leave out though.  Here's what it says:
"Magnets are cool.  Magnets stick to metal.  Magnets don't stick to wood.  Magnets attract to a refrigerator. 
This is what I learned."
Complete sentences beginning with capitals and ending with (rather large) periods.  Ahhhh, they are listening:)

We used my magnets unit.  It's aligned to Georgia science standards for first grade and Common Core standards for informational text and writing.

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